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    Michelle Parker, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, partners with Virginia Oak Counseling to provide counseling services to adolescents, young adults, and couples who may be experiencing life transitions or grief due to loss of a loved one. Michelle has worked with military families across the United States, who have experienced challenges related to relocating, separation, and loss due to military duties.

    Michelle’s work with military families provides her with the experience they need to develop positive coping skills to overcome challenges with these losses. Grief is a natural experience, it becomes a challenge when it lasts too long or the person experiences many losses in a short period of time. Michelle incorporates art therapy, journaling, and body awareness to help people overcome their challenges.

    Michelle is passionate to help others become happier and more successful in their daily lives. Her focus has been on adolescents and adults who have lost someone due to divorce, moving, or death. Michelle has experience working with people who may have a recent life transition, such as parents moving back into the house, or elders moving into assisted living. Michelle utilizes her education and experience to provide hope, relief, and connection to family members to all of her clients. Michelle helps changing families become closer during life changes.


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