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  • Therapist Spotlight


    Alicea Ardito, a Therapist with Virginia Oak Counseling, is a Licensed Master of Social Work and a certified Aging Life Care Manager.  She is currently a Supervisee in Social Work working toward clinical licensure in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

    She has been working with older adults for more than ten years with clinical focus on depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and physical and emotional pain.  Her background includes working with a community mental health team serving older adults with severe mental illness, coordinating social services in assisted living and long term care settings, with hospice, and as a geriatric care manager.  She is passionate about educating others on aging well, and can provide expert advice on resources available to older adults and how to navigate the complex web of care options.  

    In addition to older adults, Alicea provides psychotherapy and counseling to adults of all ages.  She is a firm believer in holistic, comprehensive care.  She has completed mastery training in hypnotherapy and can provide clients with brief hypnotic psychotherapy to enhance healing and therapeutic process.  Alicea specializes in utilizing hypnotherapy with clients for cessation of negative behaviors, facilitating positive change, weight loss, anxiety/phobias, and for non-pharmaceutical management of pain.

    Alicea’s commitment is to provide supportive, empathic and client-centered care to her clients.  

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