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    Rebecca, LCSW Supervisee

    LCSW Supervisee

    Are you feeling more stressed out now than ever before? If you worry about the pandemic or other life events or struggle with balancing work, school, and family commitments, you may feel distressed and overwhelmed on a daily basis. If you are trying to cope with loneliness, isolation, or anxiety about the future, it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Or perhaps your child or teen is struggling with new transitions or a serious health diagnosis, and you are unsure of how to help. If these stressors are negatively impacting your quality of life, consider turning to a trusted therapist for support. I provide a warm and empathetic space to share your feelings, to process your stressors, and to better manage your anxiety. When you feel heard and can put into practice new, successful coping methods, you will more successfully weather life’s challenges.

    I am a licensed master social worker (LMSW) in Virginia and received my master’s degree in social work from The Catholic University of America. I have 10 years’ experience working with clients of all ages. My past experience includes conducting individual and group therapy, doing case management with older adults, and leading social skills groups for kids, teens, and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and disabilities. I work with all ages but specialize in therapy for kids and teens who struggle with anxiety, acceptance, social anxiety, and executive functioning deficiencies. I have a special interest in helping kids and teens improve their social-emotional skills, both at school and with friends. I also specialize in food allergy counseling and work with all family members to help them cope with a recent food allergy diagnosis.

    I also work with adults who struggle with anxiety and depression, stress and coping, relationship difficulties, executive functioning skills, aging transition issues, infertility, and peri-menopause. Additionally, with years of experience as a geriatric social worker, I specialize in working with older adults who are experiencing grief and loss, chronic illness, loneliness, isolation, menopause-related issues, and aging transitions.

    I use a combination of talk therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, strengths-based therapy, person-centered therapy, and motivational interviewing to help clients achieve their goals in therapy. I prefer structured therapy sessions during which we collaborate on a goal-focused treatment plan. We will work toward your individualized goals in each session together.