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    Amber, LCSW Supervisee

    LCSW Supervisee

    The primary goal of psychotherapy is to help you understand what you want and need to make your life more meaningful, productive and fulfilling.

    Being true to yourself is an extraordinary, revolutionary act and is the means to living your best life and contributing your greatest gifts to the world.

    As your therapist, I want to help you realize and utilize your full potential by guiding you through your fears and self-doubt. My theoretical orientation integrates psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories to assist you in addressing past and present challenges to improve connections, increase insight and gain a deeper understanding of self, while powerfully navigating change in a therapeutic setting.

    My treatment specialities include: anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief/loss, women and LGBTQIA+ issues, aging/older adult issues, active duty military and veteran issues, families, couples and teens.

    I believe in the power of CHANGE and in the strength of the therapeutic relationship. Welcome to this safe space. I look forward to connecting with you.