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    A Natural Solution

    At the Carlton Neurofeedback Center, conveniently located in Manassas, Virginia, we provide drug-free, non-invasive, long-term solutions for many brain-based conditions. Using the latest technology in brain mapping and neurofeedback training for adults and children, we can eliminate the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism (ASD), bipolar disorder, concussions and brain injuries, depression, insomnia, migraines, PTSD and trauma, seizures and Epilepsy.

    What if you could better control your thoughts and feelings? 

    What if you could be in complete command of your emotions and mood – in any situation?

    Even better, what if you could naturally eliminate the symptoms associated with a host of brain-based conditions –from ADHD to PTSD –leading to life-changing improvements in quality of life?

    Maybe you want to improve your performance. Be more effective and creative at work, or better at your favorite sport. Improved brain function can allow you to unlock your true potential as anxiety and loss of concentration at school, work, or in your extracurricular activities became a thing of the past.

    As it turns out, the ability to do all of these things already exists through neurofeedback training. And it’s been proven over the years by both athletes and physicians alike.

    Your initial appointment with Dr Carlton is free of charge.

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