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  • Helpful Tip for Parkinson’s Disease

    Do you know someone who has Parkinson’s Disease? If so, you may know that their symptoms of shuffling footsteps, rigidity in muscles, and loss of balance will unfortunately get worse over time. There are many things in the field of elder care that can support the individuals who experience these symtpoms. Medications can of course be helpful, but often bring side effects. There are other approaches that are different then taking medication. We all know how good exercising is for people. Well, for someone with Parkinson’s Disease exercising can bring nervousness due to fears of falling.  But, riding a stationary bicycle on a regular basis, is safe and helpful motions for individuals with the symptoms listed above. I have heard many personal stories of how the movement of riding a bicycle helps people with Parkinson’s Disease walk more safely and have less rigidity in movement. There are additional benefits to this approach as well. Exercise also helps to improve one’s mood when they are feeling sad and down, improves disrupted sleeping patterns, and it improves one’s overall well-being. Please assist us in spreading the word about this helpful tip for those that experience the life changing symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease!

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