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  • Accepting Homecare

    In most situations, the elders we work with have the goal of remaining in their homes for as long as possible or to live out their last days at home. Home care for elders is very possible with the right resources. Many adult children are the ones supporting their parents and trying to help them stay safe and healthy at home. We hear many questions that ask when is the right time to implement various resources. Questions about what resources to choose because there are too many options. And also, how to convince the elder to accept and pay for these resources. In Northern Virginia, we are fortunate to live in counties that have an abundance of resources. Eldercare management helps people by assessing an elders level of functioning in order to make recommendations for the best resources and to put them in place at the right time. As eldercare managers, we have the skills to assist individuals in recognizing and accepting the resources they would benefit from. One piece of advice we give to the caregivers and responsible parties who are supporting the elder, is to help them come up with the decision on their own by giving them a couple of choices to choose from. This helps them feel they still have independence and the ability to make their own decisions as they have most of their lives.

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