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  • Signs to Look for in Elders Over the Holidays

    During holiday visits with elders, ask yourself these questions to ensure they are healthy and safe.

    How is their hygiene?
    Are they wearing appropriate clothing for the weather?
    Has their steadiness while walking changed?
    Do they have any visible bruises or cuts?
    Has there been changes in their daily routine?
    Have they stopped attending important social events?
    Are they getting asked repetitively for large amounts of money?
    Are they more forgetful or repetitive during conversation?
    Do they seem hopeless and sad?
    Do you find spoiled items in the fridge?
    Is there a large pile of unopened mail?
    Any new scratches or dents on the car?

    If you answered yes to any of these tell them about what you have observed and ask them about it. If you have observed multiple items call us for a free consultation so we can assist you in connecting them with the best resources in NorthernVirginia.

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