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    About Us

    We provide Counseling services with our Licensed Professionals. We value wellness and what it means to each individual person, which is why we are passionate about supporting people in leading well balanced and healthy lives. Many clients compliment us on our ability to respond to their requests in a timely manner and to establish a strong supportive and trusting relationship with them. We look forward to establishing that type of relationship with you.


    Amanda Larose started the company with a mission to provide empathetic and diligent support in helping others navigate the seasons of life. Even though we are a growing company, we still have that small-business feel, and that means a commitment and a relationship to our clients. Our clients all agree that we offer the very best services around, with the personal touch you’ve come to expect from us.

    Rooted in the Community

    Virginia Oak Counseling started with a love and passion of working with adults and their family members to support them in coping with the challenges they face across the lifespan. This passion is our legacy, the very fibers of our community that has made us such an important part of the Northern Virginia area.

    Our Legacy Continues

    We continue to be an important part of our community, so from our family to yours, please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. Look to Virginia Oak Counseling for the personalized experience you might be missing from larger competitors.

    Servicing: Virginia