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  • Elder Care Success Story in Northern Virginia

    A story of helping a new client… Our client’s Father and Mother lived with her for years. Her Father was the caretaker for her Mother who had Advanced Dementia. Unfortunately, her Father died suddenly and she was faced with having to navigate a number of things while grieving, taking care of not only her Mother but her children, and identifying what her Father was responsible for and overseeing those items. She came to us asking for help, because she felt like she was drowning and didn’t know what to do. After our assessment of her Mother, we were able to suggest and set up Home Care on the weekends. Therefore, someone could take care of her Mother, so she could get a break and spend time with her family. We also found an affordable and well run Assisted Living for respite care, so she can go away for a yearly vacation. While she was away we went to the Assisted Living to ensure her Mother was receiving the exceptional care she deserves. Stories like this show why we are so passionate about helping our neighbors!

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