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    Shawn, LCSW

    LCSW Supervisee

    Many times we navigate through the world feeling lost, alone, and even scared. We may tell ourselves that “nobody understands me,” “nobody loves me,” or “people have it much worst than I do, so why do I deserve to be kind to myself.” Many of us tell ourselves some sort of variation of these things from time to time. Some of us may tell ourselves these statements on the daily basis. Come join me as we explore your relationship with yourself as well as your relationship with others.

    I have a range of experience working within higher levels of care and cultural-specific community mental health settings with a focus on mood and anxiety disorders, identity-based challenges, academic and career-based stressors, and overall challenges around life transitions. My therapeutic style utilizes expressive arts therapy with DBT, CBT, and beyond.

    Together, we can build the foundation for making a life worth living as we learn to be kind to ourselves and learn to love both the challenges and the joys in life along your journey towards growth. As we work on your journey towards growth, I provide you with my skills and experience as a clinician to empower you in your healing process.