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    Monica, Resident in Counseling

    Resident in Counseling

    We are not meant to navigate life’s tumultuous ups and downs alone. I commend you for exploring what is out there in terms of getting the support you deserve. Here in the therapy room, I offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to unpack what is bothering you or keeping you from leading a fulfilling life so that we can explore, together, what freeing that space might look like for you. I encourage curiosity and non-judgement on your part as well, so that we may get to know how these aspects of you came to develop and work to create change that compliments who you are today and where you envision heading.

    Whether it is a recent life transition, ongoing hurdles or patterns of behavior you feel you have suffered throughout your life, or something that just doesn’t feel right in terms of confidence, stress, relationships, life satisfaction, etc., there is no problem too great or small for us to explore. I strongly believe that human behavior is not random and that we are always doing our best with the knowledge and resources we have available. If you are inclined to break free from patterns of behavior that no longer serve you and to gain insight and skills that can help you create the quality of life you deserve, come explore with me. Therapy can include individual therapy, as well as consultation with parents, spouses, and healthcare providers. I work with clients ages 14+. My focuses include life transitions, stress, anxiety/depression, trauma, shame/guilt, addiction, self-esteem, personality, and emotional difficulty.