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    Pamela Jordan

    My name is Pamela, I’m your local mental health provider and I’m happy to be serving in your community. Perhaps you are struggling with life’s uncertainties, anxious about next steps, feeling down, and maybe even a loss of hope. I’m here to offer support. I’m most known for my expertise in supporting children, adolescents and helping families manage stages of development as well as social and emotional behaviors; as they learn to substitute undesirable responses and behavior patterns for desirable ones.

    As a Social Worker for over 26 years- I have had amazing professional opportunities of practice in child welfare, education/learning disabilities, school based mental Health, and Field Instructor for Universities and Colleges.

    I’m established as a leader in preventing re-victimization, trauma, attachment disorders and have traveled nationally educating foster parents and empowering adoptive parents on these subjects. In addition, there are many areas in life that feel uncertain, much of my success is in helping with life’s transitions and adjustment, generalized anxiety, and pervasive depression. I’m a great listener and I’m even better at helping you find solutions. Two of the many therapeutic approaches that bring meaningful, fulfilling, and long lasting benefits are Cognitive Behavior Therapy which supports consumers in “thinking for a change”. Dialectic Therapy helps consumers to avoid “letting your emotions manage you”.

    I am excited to be serving you as part of the Virginia Oak Counseling Team; as we meet the needs of the community. I look forward to supporting you on your journey to a better you!