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    Darcy Bauer

    LCSW Supervisee

    We move through life in different stages and circumstances, some way more challenging than others. Sometimes, what worked before doesn’t seem to work now. That can be especially true for those who have struggled with anxiety and depression. We can go through the motions while adjusting to change, loss and the seemingly huge obstacles that block our vision. When we are surprised by that feeling of “stuck”, simply coping can dull the joy of life and harm our relationships. We can find ourselves responding in ways we know are not healthy. The good news is right there we can find our true adaptability and discover the path forward!

    I can help you to say it out loud, even when you thought you didn’t want to. I practice with the mindful awareness that everyone’s journey looks different.

    I work with adults of all ages and believe that the groundwork of therapy is the ability to meet an individual exactly where they are, not where anyone else thinks they should be. My clients are given the space they need to think while we find together the tools they need to heal.